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BodasPR was launched on May 2001 with the purpose of providing couples with a one stop solution for their wedding planning in Puerto Rico. With the recent acquisition of Todays-Weddings and Wedding Links Online, the BodasPR network increased its traffic to approximately 1 million hits per month and growing. Additionally, it has now expanded into the wedding market in the United States with the purpose of opening a bridge connecting the continental United States and Puerto Rico.

With features such as: personal calendars, budget calculators, free website for couples, quality service providers, and rich content in both Spanish and English, the BodasPR network has become the largest bilingual online wedding planning source for soon to be married couples in the world.

The information contained within this website comes from a variety of sources, but a vast amount comes from the many members of the BodasPR network. We constantly add new information to the website as well as do frequent updates to the existing content. We try to bring new and exciting features to the website every week, so stop by frequently to see what’s new!

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments or just want to say "Hi!", please email us at webmaster@bodaspr.com or use our online contact form. We'd love to hear from you and we answer all our emails as quickly as possible.

Please note that all information found on this website may NOT be reproduced in any other form without express permission from Bodas PR . All articles and information on the Bodas PR website has been researched and written by the BodasPR staff unless otherwise noted. All content and scripts are protected by Copyright Laws.

Thank you for visiting our website!

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