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Do I Really Need a Wedding Video?
Reprinted with permission from Horizon Video Productions

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Your wedding day will be a blur to you and your parents. You plan the many details for months, but your wedding day goes by so fast that you will miss a large part of it.

A wedding video is like a ďtime machineĒ. It lets you relive your wedding day as often as you like, anytime you like. As a fellow videographer put it, ďIt letís you attend your own wedding at your leisure without the stresses and distractions of the day.Ē It is also a significant and important ďlivingĒ document for your families, your children, and grandchildren. Some couples donít realize just how important their wedding video will become until they experience the loss of a loved one that attended their wedding.

I Want a Wedding Video but I Have a Friend With a Camcorder
Some couples use a friend or family member to videotape their wedding day. Would you have a friend or family member take all of your wedding photographs? Probably not.

We have heard numerous stories of people running out of tape or batteries, not shooting important activities, and taking shaky or bad footage. Using a friend or relative can cause hard feelings and ruin relationships if your video is poorly done or not done at all. Also, that person canít enjoy themselves at your wedding while they are videotaping it.

A wedding video is a movie of your wedding day, a lasting memory that contains 30 pictures every second and includes the timeless sites and sounds of every important event that took place on your special day. A professional wedding video should tell the story of your wedding day. Using creative camera work, a keen attention to detail, and artistic editing using music, the right blend of effects and transitions, the professional wedding videographer should produce a video you will watch often and be proud to show others.

Iím Having a Photographer So I Donít Need a Video
Both your photographs and your wedding video are of equal importance. You canít frame your wedding video or carry it with you in your purse or wallet to show a friend.

But, you canít hear your marriage vows, see a tear as it rolls down your cheek, or relive the sights, sounds, and emotions of your dad walking you down the aisle or your first dance as husband and wife.

Photography and videography are both artistic expressions and vary from artist to artist. It is important to view the work of each and meet one-on-one with the person(s) that will be producing your photographs and your wedding video. Make sure that their style and personalities match your expectations.

How Much Will It Cost?
There is a misconception that your wedding video should be less expensive than your photographs:

  • A professional videographer should attend your rehearsal to meet the Officiant, become familiar with the order of activities, and offer ideas and assistance to improve the video.
  • A professional videographer will invest around $20,000 or more in equipment plus training and experience.
  • Typical wedding day coverage includes two cameras with operators that shoot almost continuously for five hours or more.
  • Your wedding video will take 20 to 30 hours or more to edit so that the raw footage is transformed into a smoothly flowing story of your wedding day.
  • And, unlike Steven Spielberg or even your photographer, your videographer has only one take to capture your wedding day activities. The ceremony or special events canít be stopped and done over if something isnít perfect.

Your wedding videographers must be the:
     - producer
     - director
     - lighting technician
     - sound person
     - cinematographer
     - editor

and they must perform all of these jobs well to produce the wedding video that you hope for and deserve.

Pricing varies depending on experience, services offered, time spent, etc. Choose a videographer based on how their work makes your feel when you see it then discuss pricing based on what it will take to produce your personal video memory.

Couples tell us that the best money they spent was on their wedding video and are so happy they made the decision to have one.

When Should I Book a Videographer?
As with your first choice for your ceremony, reception, and other vendors the best wedding videographers will be booked first. You should meet with videographers as you would photographers, if not earlier in your planning process. There are fewer videographers than there are photographers. Eight months to one year prior to your day is not too early.

Do I Really Need a Wedding Video?
Itís up to you. Your wedding day will only happen once in your lives. Don't regret not having your precious memories preserved in a video that you can see and relive over and over.

Reprinted with permission from Horizon Video Productions
1504 S. Vona Ct.
Superior, CO 80027
303-543-9559 http://www.horizonvideo.20m.com
email: horizonvideo@qwest.net

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