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The wedding headpiece should not only compliment your wedding gown, but it also completes your overall wedding ensemble. Below are some popular headpieces as well as a description of each.

All photos are courtesy of Alfred Angelo and are used by permission.

Barrette Bow
As in "every day" use, barrettes are used to pull the hair away from the face while leaving the back down. Can use one on either side of the face, or only pull back one side. Veilings are not normally used with barrettes.
Bows can be used to not only pull the hair away from the face while leaving the back down, but can also be used to clip all the hair away from the face in a ponytail fashion. If veilings are used, they are attached to the underside of the bow by the clip.
Bunwrap Hairpin
A bunwrap is a decorated "O" shaped headpiece. The bride simply pulls the hair away from her face into an updo, pulls the hair through the bunwrap, and styles the hair into a bun. The veiling is normally secured on the bottom of the bunwrap (under the hair).
A highly decorated hairpin is great to add a wedding flair to your hair. Normally used without veilings. Normally, only one or two hairpins are used; more than that will distract from the simplicity of the style.
Headband Tiara
Headbands are used to pull hair away from the face while leaving the back down. Can be highly decorated or plain. Veilings are attached to the underside of the headband.
Tiaras have become very popular and complements almost any wedding gown. Tiaras sit like a crown on the top of your head, and can be worn with or without veilings.


HAIR JEWELS - Hair jewels have gained popularity recently as a way to dress up your hair. Normally made with crystals or rhinestones to give a "sparkly" effect. Can be used alone, or in conjunction with other headpieces and veilings.

HAT - Although not as popular in recent times as in the past, hats can be decorated to give them more of a wedding feel.

JULIET CAP - A juliet cap is a small cap that fits snugly on the top of your head. Very popular in the 50s and earlier, many brides have started wearing this type of headpiece again. Veilings are attached to the back of the cap.

WREATH - Wreaths are typically a circlet of flowers or beadings that is worn around your head. Very popular for beach weddings. Can be worn with or without veilings.

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