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Bridal Veil Many brides wonder what the differences are between the veiling types and lengths. We have put together a list that will hopefully clear up your questions! Pictures coming soon!

- FLYAWAY - This is a short veiling that ends at the shoulder.

- BLUSHER - This veiling is worn over your face as you walk down the aisle. The blusher should just touch your shoulder and is normally around 27 inches long.

- ELBOW LENGTH - This veiling type commonly reaches to the elbow. Its also known as waist length. The length will vary depending on your height, but is normally around 30 inches.

- FINGERTIP - This veiling extends to just below the waist, and should reach to the end of your fingertips. Depending on your height, length will be anywhere between 35 to 50 inches.

- CHAPEL - Chapel veils extend to the floor. Length will depend on your height.

- CATHEDRAL - This veiling VERY long most often associated with royalty (think Princess Diana!). The length of this veil is at least 9 feet in length.

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