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Congratulations on your engagement! Read some of the following engagement announcements, then don't forget to submit your own announcement!

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Katri Lassila & Markku Wächter
WEDDING DATE: June 15 2002
LOCATION: Vesikansa, Vihti, Finland
COMMENTS: We're going to have nice wedding party for about 90 people. We
will not have any special ceremonies, just dining, dancing, music and
happy people. The place's going to be my parents' house at the
countryside of southern Finland. I can't wait...

NAMES: Sue and Brian
WEDDING DATE: October 31 2001
LOCATION: Vero Beach Fl
COMMENTS: Brian and Sue have known each other for 27 years. Finally
they are tying the knot! The wedding will take place at Memorial Island at 5:00pm
(over Merrill Barber Bridge). A reception at The Best Western on SR 60
will follow the ceremony. RSVP please.

NAMES: Lisa Korecki and Frederick Fay
WEDDING DATE: July 13, 2002
LOCATION: Gardiner, NY
COMMENTS: We are holding a private ceremony for family and friends at
the Gardiner Firehouse with a reception to immediately follow. We have
chosen to include our children in the ceremony. Our daughters, Heather
and Lily are the flower girls and our son Cody, as the ring bearer. We
have also chosen to make the food ourselves instead of catering and doing
buffet style to make it more personal. Fred's sister, Donna will be taking
our wedding photos and we will be using instant wedding cameras for the
reception. I have made all the favors, bridal bouquets, flower girl baskets,
boutonnières, the men's vests, bridesmaid dresses and my dress to cut down
on costs. I have chosen 2 Bridesmaids and Fred has chosen 2 Best men for
our bridal party. We have also chosen to print our own engagement announcements
and wedding invitations. We have cut costs considerably.

NAMES: Sonia & Chi-Hung
WEDDING DATE: December 23, 2001
LOCATION: Hong Kong, San Francisco & KL
COMMENTS: We met last year in April.  We started dating in September.
We are both Chinese from HK, I lived in the U.S. for the last 15 years,
and he works in KL, Malaysia for the last 6 years. 
I came to KL in last November, and to be honest, we admitted that we felt
we had found the right person.  On July 1st, the day I returned from my
U.S. trip, he proposed.  And of course, it does not leave us with much
time to prepare. His family is in HK and mine in U.S., then of course,
all his friend in Malaysia.  I am sure it would be a quite memorable
wedding and tiring.

NAMES: Rhonda  & Brandon
WEDDING DATE: June 22, 2002
LOCATION: Columbia, MO
COMMENTS: We were engaged on June 23, 2001 and one year later on June
22, 2002 we will be wed! We have been together for 3 years. The proposal
was so romantic and hoping for as much for the rest of our lives!

NAMES: Brent and Laura
WEDDING DATE: June 1, 2002
LOCATION: Victoria, BC  Canada
COMMENTS: www.geocities.com/laura_and_brent
We are so excited about our upcoming wedding, and we're finally putting
the finishing touches on the big stuff.  Pop by our wedding website to
see every detail, from start to finish!

NAMES: Elise and Sean
WEDDING DATE: Sept. 28, 2002
LOCATION: Jacksonville FL

NAMES: Trish Martin and Ryan Keller
WEDDING DATE: June or July 2002
LOCATION: Arlington, TX
COMMENTS: Due to the fact that Ryan is in the Air Force and stationed
in CO, we're not sure if we will get married there or here in TX.. His
transfer is due next summer, and that has a lot to do with where we will
marry.. We met on the internet, on the message boards at Megadeth.com
a little over a year ago, and became good friends.. After meeting for
the first time in June 2001, it quickly grew into so much more.. Ryan
proposed on his birthday on 9/15 during a very romantic evening at a bed
and breakfast inn, then took me to my first Megadeth concert on 9/23..
It was a nite to remember and very fitting, seeing as how if it weren't
for this band, we never would have met.. We even got to meet Dave and
Al, and got their congrats!  No matter where we get married, it will be
a metal love affair- for life..

NAMES: Christina Goers & Greg Videen
WEDDING DATE: October, 2002
LOCATION: Minnesota

NAMES: Susan Lombardi & Justin Abbott
WEDDING DATE: March 22, 2003
LOCATION: Floral Park, New York
COMMENTS: After meeting in Italy a year ago, we knew we were destined
to be together.  Justin asked me to marry him on August 16th after a day
which replicated our "first date" back in the States.  We have lots of
family and friends and can not wait to share with them our excitement
and love.

NAMES: Scott Glaser and Kelly Bott
WEDDING DATE: 29 Dec 2001

NAMES: Andrea Loring and Kevin Nelson
WEDDING DATE: May 18,2002
COMMENTS: It's going to be a formal night wedding done by my aunt who is a J.P. My sister is going to be my matron of honor and the rest of my bridesmaids are all family.

NAMES: Jacqueline & Stanley
WEDDING DATE: April 20, 2002
COMMENTS: A small, but unique with family and close friends and a reception will follow the ceremony.

NAMES: Matt & Sarah and Victor & Katt
WEDDING DATE: May 1, 2002
LOCATION: Santa Cruz, CA
COMMENTS: Matt and I are going to have a double wedding with our dear friends Katt and Victor. We all agree on a laid-back "medival" style wedding. It will be outside, of course. We want to have a maypole as part of the reception festivities; after all we still have to remember it will spring equinox sa well and we can't forget to pay our respect to mother nature!Wish us luck!

NAMES: Kristin Osweiler and Jay Strother
WEDDING DATE: October 13, 2001
LOCATION: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
COMMENTS: Jay and I got engaged on October 9, 2000. Our wedding ceremony is going to be held at the Coronado Methodist Church and the reception (part 1) is going to be held at the New Smyrna Beach Golf Course; (part 2) is going to take place at the bar that we met at, and the bar that we both now work at, Trader's Beach Club on Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach! Our wedding colors are sage green and silver. We are both very excited and can't wait to spend our special day with our family and friends and spend the rest of our lives together! Congrats to all the other recently engaged couples.

NAMES: Pamela and Christopher
WEDDING DATE: July 13, 2002
LOCATION: Citrus Springs, Florida
COMMENTS: We will be married one year after our engagement. It was a funny proposal -- took place on Friday the 13th. The whole day had truly been a "Friday the 13th." Everything that could possibly go wrong did. Chris took me out for dinner and planned to propose at the end of the meal. I finished eating early and asked for a take-home box. Just when he was about to do it, the waitress brought our check and I jumped up to leave. When we got to the car, he acted kind of strange and said he was upset. I asked why, and he said "Because I wanted to give you this," and he held out the open box. But the box was empty! Somehow, the ring had fallen out and it was on the car floor. I started laughing because I thought he was playing a joke, until I saw the panicked look on his face. Finally we found the ring, I said yes, we kissed and both started laughing. Yes, it was indeed Friday the 13th. I have just begun to make wedding plans.

NAMES: Teresa Batey & Michael Campbell
WEDDING DATE: March 16, 2002
COMMENTS: Its gonna be a outdoor country wedding.

NAMES: Pamela Aram & David Thorn
WEDDING DATE: June 29, 2002
LOCATION: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Elizabeth and Chris
WEDDING DATE: October 29, 2003
LOCATION: Richardson, Texas
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Tara Rummell and Vlad Berson
WEDDING DATE: September 28, 2002
LOCATION: West Paterson, NJ
COMMENTS: Vlad and I are having both the ceremony and the reception at the Westmount Country Club. We're trying to make it as easy as possible on our guests!

NAMES: Cheri & David
WEDDING DATE: Oct. 11, 2003 or Oct. 10, 2004
LOCATION: Pennsylvania
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Angela & Daniel
WEDDING DATE: September 12, 2003
LOCATION: Old Bridge, NJ
COMMENTS: Danny and I have known each other for about 14 years and have been together for almost 8 years. We've had our share of fights and break ups, but have always come back to one another knowing that we were each others one and only true love!

NAMES: Beth A. Malinowski & Steven Ho
WEDDING DATE: February 2, 2002
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Jarrett and Leeanne
WEDDING DATE: undecided
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Ben Turner and Erica Thompson
WEDDING DATE: August 2003
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Erin & Steve
WEDDING DATE: June 22, 2002
COMMENTS: We are in the middle of unplanning our Canadian wedding after deciding the day was more about our guests then us. We're flying to Athens to be married on a cruise ship with our family and then continuing on our 2 week cruise.

NAMES: Sally and Danny
WEDDING DATE: undecided
LOCATION: Nova Scotia, Canada
COMMENTS: Dan and I have been together for three years and had been talking about getting married for a couple months. We have not decided on many issues concerning the wedding as there is still some time. We are both very excited and can hardley wait for the big day.

NAMES: Kerri and Donny
WEDDING DATE: October 2003
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Amy & Ryan
WEDDING DATE: June 29, 2002
LOCATION: Okmulgee, OK
COMMENTS: It will be a formal evening wedding at St. Anthony's Catholic Church. Our colors are cranberry and buttercream. The reception will be held at the Country Club with plenty of dancing! We are so excited!!!

NAMES: Genevieve & Dennis
WEDDING DATE: November 2, 2001
LOCATION: Jersey City, New Jersey
COMMENTS: We have been with each other for 3 years and engaged for 1 years. We decided to get married because we want to spend our life together.

NAMES: Gabrina and Giuseppe
WEDDING DATE: April 2003
COMMENTS: We got engaged on June 29, 2001. I was so excited to ask her and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. Since the day we met, I knew she was the one for me. I promise to love, care and protect her forever.

NAMES: Michael Molinari & Nina Monroe
WEDDING DATE: August 31, 2002
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Candis & Michael
LOCATION: Long Island, New York
COMMENTS: We have been together for three wonderful, and talking about getting married for a while. We are so excited that the time is now right. It was a very sweet proposal and a georgous ring and I have been smiling ever since!!!

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