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Congratulations on your engagement! Read some of the following engagement announcements, then don't forget to submit your own announcement!

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Last Updated 5/3/01

NAMES: Brett Weber and Laura Locher
WEDDING DATE: October 19, 2002
LOCATION: Garfield Heights, Ohio
COMMENTS: Brett proposed to me on December 19, 2000 while we were snowboarding at Brandywine (he was actually snowboarding - I tried it out). We decided on a fall wedding since we both love that time of the year. We have not picked out colors for the wedding but - we'll get there. I do know that I love daisies so I'll try to incorporate them into the flowers. Congratulations to all the other newly engaged couples!

NAMES: Gail & Justin
WEDDING DATE: June 8, 2002
LOCATION: Cranston, Rhode Island
COMMENTS: We are having a traditional church wedding followed by a very casual reception. Hopefully the weather will hold out as our reception location has a beautiful view of the harbor.

NAMES: Hannah Domingo & James Bleyer
WEDDING DATE: September 20, 2003
LOCATION: Rockland County, NY
COMMENTS: No comments given

NAMES: Shona Scarbrough and Rob Searl
WEDDING DATE: October 6, 2001
LOCATION: Cardington, Ohio
COMMENTS: No comments given

NAMES: Amber Bauwens and Aaron LaBrie
WEDDING DATE: November 3, 2001
LOCATION: Oregon City, Oregon
COMMENTS: We are having family from all over the U.S. come...from St. Agatha, Maine and Los Angeles, California! We are going to have a traditional Catholic wedding, with some bellydancing at the reception! Should be a great day!

NAMES: Ava Carmichael and Steve Page
COMMENTS: Great engagement...Went to a knee on the ice at the Galleria in front of a suprise crowd - her folks and his folks... Who remained hidden with cameras flashing until the knee drop. Friend of the groom bumped into the GTB and said "Hey, you dropped this" and handed Steve the ring. It was all on from then. Wedding info to be announced sometime before it happens.

NAMES: Jonathan Stroebel & Erin Riley
WEDDING DATE: September 2002
LOCATION: Appleton, Wisconsin
COMMENTS: We're simplifying the event by having both our vow exchange and marriage celebration at the Riverview Country Club. Hopefully, Mother Nature will smile upon us with a lovely day; we'd love for our guests to be able to enjoy the scenery of the grounds. Then again, if it's inclement weather outdoors, we'll just turn the focus to the indoors, for it's bound to be a hootin' hollerin' good time regardless of the weather.

NAMES: Richard and Christina
WEDDING DATE: June 8, 2002
LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM
COMMENTS: We were engaged only after two months of knowing each other but I know that we have found each other's soul mates. Our wedding day will be one that I will cherish always.

NAMES: Eric Dentis and Kimberly Heste
WEDDING DATE: March 3, 2002
LOCATION: Tulsa, Oklahoma
COMMENTS: We are going to have our wedding where we met. At a bar. We are going to have it on Saint Patricks day to fit the Irish theme!

NAMES: Shannon & Steven
WEDDING DATE: October 12, 2002
LOCATION: Flushing, Michigan
COMMENTS: We are having a semiformal early afternoon wedding. Bridesmaids dresses will be navy and the groomsmen will be wearing tuxedos. Afterwards, we are having a luncheon buffet and then the rest of the day is ours!

NAMES: Salvatore Lauria & Kim Hummler
WEDDING DATE: September 7, 2002
LOCATION: Great Neck, NY
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Anne Schuster and James Hohne
WEDDING DATE: April 20, 2002
LOCATION: Terre Haute, IN
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Tammy Townsend & Rich Thayer
WEDDING DATE: September 29, 2001
LOCATION: Concord, Ohio
COMMENTS: We are going by the theme of ment for each other. Using invitations with "Kim Anderson" photos of a little boy and little girl together. Our wedding is at around 4 pm in the evening with the reception to follow.

NAMES: Jessica Sogai & Warren Wong
WEDDING DATE: February 22nd, 2003
LOCATION: Victoria, B.C, Canada
COMMENTS: Details of our wedding will soon be found at this website: http://www.members.home.net/jsogai

NAMES: Riva & Antoino
WEDDING DATE: April 13, 2002
LOCATION: Brunswick, Ga
COMMENTS: All I can say is that it will be a day to remember!!!!!!!!

NAMES: Henry & Jennifer
WEDDING DATE: December 2001
LOCATION: Newport Bach, CA
COMMENTS: We met a year before we got engaged. He proposed at the Surf & Sand Hotel restaurant and gave me a beautiful rock!

NAMES: Mike and Christie
WEDDING DATE: October 12, 2002
LOCATION: Sarasota, FL
COMMENTS: Mike and I will be having a very formal church wedding, with the bridesmaids in lavender and the groomsmen in tuxedoes. We plan on having our honeymoon in Europe with destinations to London, France and Italy.

NAMES: Carrie & Rick
WEDDING DATE: May 18, 2002
LOCATION: Califonia
COMMENTS: The lord has blessed us with his everlasting love and friendship. I thank our heavenly father because he chose us to share our lives together. Rick and I have been best friends for 3 years and fall more in love with each other everyday!

NAMES: Joe and Maria
LOCATION: Pittsburgh PA
COMMENTS: No Comments Given

NAMES: Tara Phillippi and Steven Flic
WEDDING DATE: October 20, 2001
LOCATION: Cromwell, CT
COMMENTS: The wedding will be held in the fall because we both enjoy the fall. We have a theme of Harvest. Our reception will be held at the Woodwinds in Branford, Connecticut.

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