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The Bodas PR Forum is consistantly the most popular wedding forum on Delphi Forums! There are over 2500 registered users currently signed up, with dozens more new members joining every day! Not only do we have soon-to-be Brides, but we also have Mothers of the Bride, soon to be Mother-in-Laws, bridesmaids, relatives of the bride, and the occasional Groom! We have Brides from all over the world who regularly visit, so you are bound to meet someone from your own area.

Our forum is a great place to get ideas, vent your frustrations, ask questions and get opinions, and to meet other people who are in the same situation as you are; trying to figure out how to plan a wedding while still living a regular life! Get "how-to" information, learn ways to save money, see beautiful gowns....and more! Not only can you make some great friends and get wonderful insights on wedding planning, but best of all, its FREE!!

A list of current discussions on the Bodas PR Forum is listed in the box above; you can enter the forum by either clicking on one of the topics listed, or by clicking here. To all our new members - Welcome Aboard! And for our returning members - glad to have you back!

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