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Welcome to Bodas PR Bells & Bubbles Favors List! Browse through the list of Bells & Bubbles wedding favors to get ideas, and when you decide on your favor, stop back and add yours to the list!

Colored Rose Bubbles
Submitted by: Liz Charlton
Description: I bought white rose bubbles from Oriental Trading. They were boring, so I bought fabric paint to match the colors of my wedding and painted the tops of the roses. They came out great and were fun for my daughter and neice to do.

Bells and Incense
Submitted by: Kimberly Hester
Description: I have two sticks of incense. One scent is love potion #9. The other is clover. (We are having a St. Patricks Day wedding). They are tied together with ribbon with a bell and a card attached. The card reads:

For luck of the Irish, when the couple leaves ring the bell.
At home think of them, light this up and have a good smell.

Or something like that. It isn't decided exactly what the card will say. :)

Submitted by: Angela
Description: We bought Bubbles at a Craft Store for $2.99 a box for 24. Then we went to a Frabic Store and bought 2 yards of Teal, Peach and Ivory Tulle for $1.99 per yard; we wrapped our Bubbles with Teal and Peach Tulle and tied with Ivory ribbon. We also made our saying on the computer.

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