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Butterfly theme weddings are becoming a very popular trend among theme weddings. Though many couples use this theme mainly in the spring and summer, a Butterfly theme could be used during the rest of the year as well.

In search of items for your Butterfly themed wedding? Today's Wedding Store has several items for your theme, including bubbles, garter, caketop, unity candle, ring pillow and much more!

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- Have a butterfly embroidered in white thread (or whatever color your dress is) somewhere on the bodice of your dress
- Wear jewelry with a butterlfy on it
- Wear hairpins with butterflies on the end
- Accent your garter with a butterfly applique
- Add a small applique to your headpiece
- Have your attendants wear butterfly jewelry or hairpins

- Have your baker decorate the cake with white sugar butterflies
- Use a butterfly decorated caketop
- Make your own caketop; buy a plain white gazebo or arch, decorate with silk flowers and glue small butterflies onto it

- Make balloon centerpieces; buy balloons with a butterfly design
- Use fresh flowers and place butterfly picks in with the flowers

- Butterfly shaped cookies placed in small boxes or bags
- Buy butterfly molds from any craft store and make your own butterfly-shaped candy/chocolates
- Butterfly bubbles wrapped in tulle and ribbon
- Decorate plain boxes with small butterflies; fill with whatever you like!
- Give out butterfly shaped cookie cutters
- Seed packets with butterflys on the packaging
- Butterfly magnets
- Candle votives; wrap in tulle and decorate with a small butterfly or two

- Put flowerpicks with butterflies into the bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. They can be found any most craft stores.

- Use the song "Butterfly Kisses" as one of your special dances, such as father/daughter, mother/son, etc.

- Add an applique to your ring pillow, or buy a ready made butterfly accented pillow
- Applique's can also be added to your money bag or purse
- Glue small butterflies to your flowergirl's basket
- Sprinkle butterfly shaped confetti on the tables
- If you are looking for butterfly invitations, check out Wedding Orders. They offer dozens of butterfly invitations in a variety of prices.
- Have your napkins imprinted with a butterfly
- Buy accessories with butterflies on them, such as ring pillow, flutes, unity candles, etc.
- Check out Today's Wedding Store and Oriental Trading Company for butterfly items as well.

If you are having a wedding theme and need ideas, or want to add to any of these lists, please email us at weddings@bodaspr.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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