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A Candlelight Theme is a very romantic theme; the soft, candle light glow makes the event that much more romantic. Below are some ideas on how to create a Candlelight Themed Wedding:

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Make sure you check with your reception venue to make sure open flames are allowed!
- Pillar candles in various sizes
- Hurricane lamps
- Fill a crystal (or clear) bowl with water. Place colored (or clear) marbles on the botton with clear sparkly glitter. Top with floating candles.
- Have a unity candle centerpiece. Place candles on top of either fabric (such as satin or silk) or shiny white tulle. Place on mirrored tile sprinkled with glitter for an extra sparkly effect.

Here are some suggestions on wedding colors:
- White
- Ivory
- Silver/Platinum

- Votive candle wrapped in tulle. Decorate with ribbons and flowers.
- Paint small terra cotta flowerpots in your colors; place a small candl inside and wrap entire favor with tulle. Attach a card with a short poem for added effect
- Tie two tapers together with gold or silver ribbon. Accent with baby's breath or roses.

- Use luminary bags if possible.
- Use lots of the white, shimmery tulle with white twinkle lights.
- Rent (or buy) potted plants; decorate with white twinkle lights.

- Consider having your bridesmaids carry candles down the aisle rather than bouquets.
- If you are having a Unity Candle during the ceremony, get your guests involved. Give each one a taper candle; starting from the back, have each guest light their candle from someone else's, bringing the light to the bride and groom. This will cast a beautiful glow in the room as well as get the guests involved!

If you are having a wedding theme and need ideas, or want to add to any of these lists, please email us at weddings@bodaspr.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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