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Daisy Wedding Themes are one of the most popular wedding themes around. Below are some ideas on how to create a Daisy Themed Wedding:

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- Wear a fresh daisy flower circlet.
- Have daisies embroidered or attached to your gown.
- Wear a daisy-accented headpiece.
- Have your flowergirl wear a daisy circlet with ribbons down the back.
- Heve the attendants wear their hair up or french-braided; tuck daisies into their hair.
- Give your attendants daisy earrings and/or necklaces to wear with their outfits.

- Decorate your cake with sugar or silk daisies.
- Have your baker make a white cake with lemon filling.
- Have a modified marble cake; instead of chocolate and vanilla, have your baker use white and yellow cake mix.

- Fresh daisy bunches in vases.
- Float fresh daisy heads in water; surround the container with fresh greenery.
- White or yellow pillar candle, surrounded by fresh (or silk) daisy heads.
- Daisy-shaped floating candles.

Here are some suggestions on wedding colors:
- White
- Yellow
- Green

- Fill white or pale yellow tulle with your choice of favors (chocolates, candies, pastel M&M's., Jordan Almonds, etc.), tie with a ribbon and glue a silk daisy to it.
- Make daisy-shaped sugar cookies; decorate with the new husbands and wifes names. OR, write the guests names on the cookie and it can double as a placecard.
- Decorate plain white bubbles with daisies; wrap the bubbles with pale yellow tulle, tie with ribbon and attach a silk daisy to it.
- Daisy key-chains.
- Make daisy-shaped chocolates, wrap with cellophane or place in small gift bag.
- Make chocolate daisy-shaped chocolate lollipops; place in a small decorated terra cotta pot (secure pops with a small piece of green flower foam covered with moss).
- Candy bars wrapped with a personalized wrapper with daisies on it.
- Small packet of daisy seeds with the saying "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me - We Tied the Knot!"

- Daisies (of course!)- in white, yellow, etc.
- Add greenery, such as ivy, for accent.

- Add interest to your table and make your own napkin ring holders! Fold a dinner napkin in half and roll up. Secure with a yellow ribbon; glue a small silk daisy head to the center.

- Buy personalized napkins with a daisy design or make your own using daisy stamps.
- Many invitation catalogs have invitations that will match your daisy theme.
- Glue a silk daisy head to your garter.
- Glue silk daisy heads to the outside of the flowergirls basket.
- Have the flowergirl drop daisy heads instead of rose petals.
- Have the flowergirl hand out daisies to the women on the end of the pews as she walks down the aisle.
- Make pew bows by tying fresh daisy bunches and raffia together.

If you are having a wedding theme and need ideas, or want to add to any of these lists, please email us at weddings@bodaspr.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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