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Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, so a Garden Theme is a great way to combine them. This particular theme can also be called an English Garden theme. Whatever you call it, the theme brings to mind fields of flowers. Below are some ideas on how to create a Garden Themed Wedding:

- Wear a wreath of flowers in your hair
- Have your bridesmaids wear flowers in their hair
- Have your Flower Girl wear a circlet of flowers in her hair

- Decorate a white or ivory frosted cake with fresh flowers to match bouquets

- A simple arrange of cut flowers to match bouquets
- A group of individually potted herbs and potted flowers, arrange on a tier
- Flowering potted plants in baskets
- Sprinkle flower petals on the tables

Here are some suggestions on wedding colors:
- Pastels
- Pink
- Green
- White
- Yellow
- Blue
- Lavender

- Tree seedlings
- Seed Packets - if seeds are prewrapped, simply tie a colorful ribbon around them. If you are wrapping them yourself, place the seeds in pretty glassine bags, then accent with a colorful ribbon. Place seed packets in a large, specially decorated terra cotta flower pot.
- Using a 2" or 3" small terra cotta pot, place a small envelope of flower seeds and a small envelope of dirt inside. Decorate a popsicle stick to read "Everywhere you go, love blooms". For presentation, you can decorate the pots in your wedding colors, and you can place the seeds and dirt in small, separate glassine bags.

- Use handtied bouquets for a more garden look
- Flowers often used for a Garden Themed wedding include Tulips, Iris', Hyacinths, Lily of the Valley, Roses, Lilacs and Ivy

- Botanical Gardens
- English Gardens
- Rose Gardens
- A friends (or your own) backyard
- A historical site with plenty of flowers

- Invitations made from seeded paper/pressed flowers
- Hire a string quartet to play during the ceremony or the early part of the reception.
- Trelllis' decorated with fresh flowers
- Instead of using bubbles or rice for a sendoff, use fresh flower petals.
- Fresh flowers EVERYWHERE!
- Another spin on this theme would be to do an individual flower theme, such as a Daisy Theme, a Rose Theme, etc.

If you are having a wedding theme and need ideas, or want to add to any of these lists, please email us at weddings@bodaspr.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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