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Welcome to Todays-Weddings.com Webring Page! Our goal is to not only include personal wedding websites in our ring, but also wedding vendos and dealers as well! Joining our Webring will connect you to dozens, and eventually hundreds, of websites that are related by a common theme - WEDDINGS!

Submit your site below using the following form:

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Your site will be added to the queue and you will receive an email with the information you need to activate your Wedring.

Your wedring will look something like this:

This Bodas PR Wedring site is
owned by Today's Weddings
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Our guidelines state that in order for your site to be included on the webring, you MUST place our Webring coding somewhere on your website, either on the front page, a webring page or your "Links" page. Once you have placed the coding on your site, we will add you to the webring. You will receive an automatic email with the webring coding when you sign up, and another email when your site as been added to the webring listing.

PLEASE NOTE: We check all our sites weekly to ensure that the coding is on each webring members website. If you remove the webring coding from your site, you will be removed from the webring list IMMEDIATELY.

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